Scope of Services

GRAELIC’s design and consulting philosophy is based on our commitment to create a parking design concept that will  deliver optimum space efficiency...and maximum cost effectiveness...tailored  expressly to your needs.

To achieve these objectives, Graelic employs a "hands on" client approach that translates into a close working relationship with building owners--architects--engineers--and contractors.

Beginning with the development of one or more design concepts and/or structural framing systems...continuing through design development and working drawings...and culminating in the bidding and construction phases...the Graelic team is with you every step of the way.

As part of our in-depth services, our functional designs consulting services include:

· Parking design

· Parking geometrics

· Structural grid systems

· Ramping system selection

· Structural system recommendation

· Poured in place

· Precast

· Short span

· Long span

· Design/Build bridging consultant

· Construction cost estimates

· Program estimates

· Schematic estimates

· Design development estimates

· Code constraints

· ADA requirements


Graelic considers even the smallest detail of vital importance in achieving parking design excellence, we offer recommendations on:

· Lighting

· Security

· Ventilation

· Fire code regulations

· Signage

· Building maintenance

· Traffic and revenue control

· Shared parking

 Additional Services

 Parking Studies

Whether you are planning a new parking facility or evaluating an existing one, Graelic offers comprehensive parking consulting services to aid you in your decision making process. GRAELIC’s comprehensive parking planning services include:

· Feasibility Studies

· Demand and Utilization Analysis

· Expansion Studies

· Parking Master Planning

· Project Budgeting

· Operational Planning


Operation Consultation

Operations and Management Consultation Services

Graelic will meet with Ownership, Project Team and its’ representatives to discuss the overall parking operation and management objectives. The intent of these services is to determine specific requirements, guidelines and objectives that the overall parking must provide. Graelic provides assistance in the development of a comprehensive parking program(s) and guidelines based on our assessment of the individual parking facilities and area requirement. Graelic will assist in the preparation of parking operations and management material that may be used by the Owner in staffing and/or contracting for parking operation and management.

GRAELIC’s operational review services address items that may impact the functional and operational integrity of the parking. Graelic will provide recommendations for improvements based on individual parking facility requirements. Items that may be addressed include the following:

· Operational Review Services

· Signage and Graphic

· Pedestrian and Vehicular Circulation

· Lighting

· Landscaping

· Control and Access

· Security and Monitoring

· Maintenance


At the conclusion of the operational review, Graelic can develop preliminary capital budget(s) and schedule for planned improvements based on Ownership and project needs. The schedule/phasing of these improvements will address both short-term and long-term implementation requirements.

Revenue Control

Based on a thorough analysis of parking control system needs and requirements, Graelic develops client specific solutions that integrate system and facility design. Graelic utilizes a comprehensive approach in the design or modification of revenue control systems. This approach begins with a thorough needs analysis and is followed by system specification, evaluation and selection of equipment, integration, installation, and ongoing operational support.

Site Selection

Graelic combines site and traffic studies, competitive supply and pricing analysis and market demand forecasts to determine the size and type of parking facility required, both now and in the future.

ADA Consultation

With federal ADA regulations subject to constant change, it’s important to select a firm that keeps up with the latest developments from Washington. Graelic has provided expert ADA consulting services for hundreds of clients since the ADA was enacted in 1992.

Signage Programs

Using the expertise gained from the design of over 3,000 parking facilities worldwide, Graelic brings you professional, detailed signage programs...customized to meet the exact needs of your facility. Our complete program provides you with all you need to create shop drawings...or go straight to bid. GRAELIC’s Signage Program Includes...

Comprehensive Needs Analysis

Signage Recommendations, defined by:

· Type

· Location

· Quantities Needed

· Size

· Wording

· Appearance



Graphic depictions of signs right on your floor plan--no more tiresome cross-referencing of floor plan "symbols" with descriptions

Ideal service for building owners, private parking operators, municipalities, airports, hospitals, colleges & universities

Specification Services

Specification Development

Based on a thorough analysis and understanding of a project’s parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) requirements, Graelic develops custom tailored specifications. Whether the plan is for a new project, replacement or expansion of an existing system, Graelic will develop a comprehensive specification package. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis and evaluation of the equipment, integration, and installation requirements based on the desired level of revenue control and type of parking operation.

· Graelic representative client base includes:

· Design Firms

· Facility Managers

· Architects

· Developers/Owners

· Other Agencies

Graelic services provide clients with document development for both the public and private PARCS solicitation. Graelic provides Masterformat specifications used in the construction contract administration bid process as well as request for proposals in the private/non-public procurement process. GRAELIC’s submittal review services ensure compliance of specifications solicited. GRAELIC’s cost analysis and bid comparisons helps the client determine the most cost-effective equipment package from initial capital cost to future budgeting of repair and maintenance.