About Us

        GRAELIC was formed in 1982 providing parking design and consulting services to architects, engineers, developers, owners and municipalities.  GRAELIC has been involved in the design, construction and consultation of more than 3000 parking facilities in the US, Canada and across the world. In 1990, GRAELIC became a wholly owned subsidiary of a nationally known parking management company, thus combining the specialized parking design expertise of GRAELIC with the hands-on parking management experience of one of the largest parking management companies of its kind. GRAELIC L.L.C., is now an independent, private organization continuing to provide parking consulting services to a wide range of clients.

        GRAELIC provides parking design and consulting services to federal, state and local governments, institutions, airports, architects, engineers, contractors and developers.

Project Philosophy

        The primary scope of GRAELIC's® consulting services is based on its commitment to provide optimum value and services tailored expressly for the client’s and user's needs.

GRAELIC® has been involved in the design and/or construction of more than 3,000 parking facilities worldwide. All of these projects were accomplished by working together with local or regional architects,  engineers and developers. GRAELIC® is a team player, as well as a leader in the field of parking consulting and design. The company has prepared parking studies dealing with feasibility, parking demand, economic analysis and operations for government, municipalities and private entities. 

Teaming & Partnering Up To Meet Our Client's Needs

GRAELIC's® approach to providing parking design and consulting services to clients, is to team with local consultants and professions who bring an in-depth knowledge of the city's  environment and an understanding of the local codes and zoning ordinances, which have a direct impact on project objectives.

GRAELIC® operates on the principal that, in order to accomplish optimum effective benefits, parking structure must be customized and tailored to meet the special needs and objectives of the client and clientele served.

 Management Team

 Chuck Ignatz, 

Principal, GRAELIC®

 Charles Ignatz, in his position as one of GRAELIC’s Principals, brings over twenty years of experience in the parking industry. While working toward completing his engineering degree, Mr. Ignatz worked in the architectural engineering industry, gaining experience in the design and construction of buildings. Mr. Ignatz joined the firm in 1988 and was promoted to Manager 1994. Mr. Ignatz advanced to his present position in 1999.

Mr. Ignatz’s extensive portfolio demonstrates a high level of experience with a multitude of parking environments including but not limited to historical urban and downtown settings, medical and educational campuses, mixed used use live/play complexes, and airports. He is extremely experienced in working directly with both parking management and parking professionals studying existing and proposed parking facilities. His most recent parking design and studies include the City of Stockton California, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, City of Westlake, Ohio, and Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, New York. The diversity of these projects addressed both on and off-street parking inventory, management and control, design, layout and functionality, parking equipment layout and budgeting, pedestrian and vehicular traffic and way finding, just to name a few. 

Mr. Ignatz current position as Principal includes responsibility and oversight of GRAELIC’s East Coast operations office located in Ohio. He is responsible for GRAELIC’s parking study guidelines, development and coordination. 

In addition to his responsibilities with GRAELIC, Mr. Ignatz continues active involvement and/or membership with recognized organizations associated within the parking and engineering industry.  His current affiliations include but not limited to:  

  • Cleveland Engineering Society
  • International Parking Institute
  • Cleveland Parking Association
  • National Parking Association
  • Parking Consultants Council

 Bryan Redlin, 

Principal, GRAELIC®

        Bryan Redlin, as one of GRAELIC’s principals, is considered a respected veteran in his field. Mr. Redlin brings over thirty years of architectural experience. After receiving his architectural degree, Mr. Redlin began his career with architectural firms specializing in the design of institutional facilities. He joined GRAELIC in 1986 after working five years with architectural firms, and has been strategically involved in the master planning and design of more than 600 parking facilities serving the education, health care, airport and commercial markets. 

Mr. Redlin’s extensive knowledge, understanding, and experience are chronicled throughout his career. His experience remains diverse in parking garage design and layout adapting to parking industry standards and guidelines as they have evolved today. Mr. Redlin’s parking designs are accredit to many prestigious facilities including but not limited to King Count Metro Garages, Washington, Bradley International Airport Garage, Connecticut, New Athens International Airport, Greece, and Sound Transit Park & Ride Garages and Study, Washington. His experience has afforded him the opportunity to work outside of North America challenged by structural guidelines, facility usage, metric conversions, vehicular traffic patterns, code restraints, language barriers, just to name a few. Mr. Redlin’s extensive resume includes surface lot layouts, parking deck additions/expansion, new facility development, and both above ground and below ground structures. His project contribution remains diverse on all levels from project prime to project associate in parking design, structural system recommendations, cost estimating, ADA compliance, ramping design, vehicle simulation, just to name a few.  

Mr. Redlin current position as one of company’s principals represents GRAELIC’s recent expansion with its West Coast operations office located in Colorado. Throughout his tenure with GRAELIC, he has remained an active member and/or affiliate of many of accredited organization within the parking and engineering industry both on the West Coast and on a national level. He currently participates in but not limited to the following organizations:  

  • International Parking Institute
  • National Parking Association
  • Parking Consultants Council
  • Structural Engineering Association of Washington
  • American Institute of Architects